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Our Colombian Adoption Journey

Our Colombian Adoption Journey November 5, 2008

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This is our adoption journey from start through homecoming to current (or hopefully somewhat current)  for our daughter Alyssa.  We had a lot of bumps, confusion and sometimes tears along the way but we would do it 100x over again knowing Alyssa was waiting for us.  Please do not use this as your guide for adoption but as an example of how the process worked in once case.  Each adoption experience is completely unique.  

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Alyssa is growing up fast! January 17, 2016

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Alyssa is nearing 7 years old. She is a very happy child who makes friends easily. She recently had an issue and was hospitized for 2.5 days as it appears she was having some asthma issues that had never happened or been diagnosed before. She is fine now and has an asthma action plan. She is growing up so fast and has yet to get a cold that needed antibotics, which amazes me. It is funny that our daughter who does not share my horrid medical history has many of the minor medical issues I do. I wouldn’t wish her to have anything but asthma, allergies, eczema are all things I am very familiar with which is comforting at least as not knowing your child’s medical history can be a uncomfortable. I feel so lucky everyday that they honored us with choosing us to be her parents. Alyssa is a funny spunky little girl that is almost 7 but thinks she is 15. Little boys are always similing at her and holding doors for her. We may be in trouble when she gets older. 🙂 Alyssa is in speech at school FINALLY! I brought it up continually since Pre K. It is amazing how as a parent it is no joke what an advocate you have to be for your child and how not to accept an answer you don’t agree with. When they finally assessed her speech formally the speech teacher profusely apologized the school didn’t assess her earlier. You can understand Alyssa well but she by no means has the clear speech like other kids her age. I think this is a big part of why she struggles with reading. How do yu expect child to learn to read when they have trouble making lots of sounds correctly to begin with? She is young, excited to learn and progressing so I am not worried that she will be fine. We still talk adoption and Alyssa enjoys hearing her child friendly adoption story. I alway say she was born in the beautiful country of Colombia to help try to build her some pride and fondness for her birth country. Life is very busy but good. We are overjoyed.


Alyssa update November 14, 2012

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Alyssa is a happy and smart 3 1/2 year old. Her speech has caught up and we love having great long conversations. She asks such interesting questions I know she is absorbing everything she hears and sees.  She is a delight who loves My Little Ponies, Counting, singing, dancing and spinning in circles.  She is really tall at 3 foot 4 inches and weights 35 pounds.  She is very girly and insists on wearing tutu’s to bed at night. She loves books and the adoption stories of A mother for Choco and Moon baby. We talk adoption every day, she knows she has a birth mommy that loves her and has asked a couple of the hard questions.  I don’t think she necessarily understands it yet as she is so young, but we feel we are on the right path for her to understand we are a family and her forever Mommy and Daddy.


Alyssa pictures December 9, 2011

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Just a few quick pictures.. Happy Holidays Everyone! 🙂

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**Quick Alyssa update – as fall begins** October 3, 2011

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Alyssa is doing very well.  Her speech has exploded in the last month.  We were slightly concerned as she was just slightly delayed before but not really anymore.  She isn’t perfectly clear yet and some words sound very much alike, but I have no worries about her speech.  It is amazing to be able to have an actual two-way conversation with her now. 

I’ve been wanting to talk to her about so much but finally she is just starting to be able to ask questions…  Very simple questions but awesome all the same.   We talk often about her belly button and how that’s where she was connected to her Birth Mommy.   It’s very cute.  So the conversations about life and how she got here begin.  

One day two weeks ago she decided she was going to use the potty every day.  “Mommy, I got to go Pee Pee” (or Poo Poo)  she told me about 10 times that first day.  Except for sleeping she has been NEAR  accident free the last two weeks.  She is very excited, as are we.

She has a “Princess Potty” that plays music when she uses it.  She also gets stickers and she has been given a few larger My Little Pony prizes too.  She was scared of anything but her potty chairs the first week, but is now happy to use an adult toilet also (with help of course).   She also got to call family to announce she went Pee Pee/Poo Poo every time for the first week.  It was probably the prize she was most exited about. 

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***Alyssa’s Grandpa Lost but Remembered August 15, 2011

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We lost Alyssa’s grandpa (Amy’s  father) to Lung Cancer on 8/3/11.  Even though they didn’t have a ton of time together Alyssa and her Grandpa bonded.   He lovingly referred to her as “Lil  Bit” and he repeatedly told me to “Love the *#%$%  outta her.”    He did puppet shows for her using her stuffed animals  from his hospice bed and she would giggle wildly. 

She would hold his hands and try to dance with him too.  He was a very happy and proud Grandpa. Alyssa was his first and only grandchild.  He spoiled her and they both loved every moment together.  

He will be greatly missed.


Alyssa Pictures (24-26 months) June 10, 2011

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~~Our First Gotcha Day Anniversary~~ February 8, 2011

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A year ago today… we had a rollercoaster of emotions. I had hoped and dreamed our daughter would come to love and accept us as her family. I was never afraid I wouldn’t bond with her; I knew that would be easy for me. I hoped she would be happy, healthy and hoped for a bright future for our little girl before I ever held her.

A year ago today… we met our daughter for the first time. She had the same huge dark beautiful brave eyes we had been staring at for months in her referral photo. She let us hold her and paid us little attention at first, but then she realized something changed.

A year ago today… she looked at us and wondered who we were. She was hesitant but brave and didn’t shed a tear as we hugged, kissed and played with her.

A year ago today… she kicked a yellow little plastic ducky on wheels across the floor in the orphanage as we held her hands and we all laughed together for the first time.

A year ago today… her new Daddy kissed her head as she slept in his lap and snored like a little purring kitten as we left the orphanage. She started bonding with her new Mommy and didn’t want to be set down.

Today… She woke up with a big stretch and pulled her blanket over her head in protest. She snuggled up and hugged me in a coma type sleep as I got her out of bed. She smiled and giggled as she awoke blinking and stretching.

Today… she ran up and gave me a big hug after her Daddy got her dressed for daycare. She squealed and pointed to the kitty as we walked in the bathroom to finish getting her ready.

 Today… we played Salon, as we do every day when I do her hair, and she smiled and sang incoherent little tunes she made up in her head. She helped brush her teeth and gave me a big hug then yelled DADDY to let him know she was ready to go downstairs.

Today… she smiled, giggled and we were amazed at how lucky a mom and dad we are. She gave me a quick kiss and hug as she ate cheerios while watching Handy Manny.

Tonight we are celebrating our 1st gotcha day anniverary with Spaghetti and cake and probably lots of legos and books. Perfect Family Evening. What a great year it’s been! 🙂